Sunday, 9 October 2011

The High Street written and illustrated by Alice Melvin

The High Street cover

This book has so much detail on every page. You look at all the pictures and think "wow that must have taken a long time to draw".

It's about a girl going shopping and on each page there is a shop she needs to visit to buy something. You open the door of the shop (lift up the flap) and you can see the inside of the shop.

There are a lot of unusual words like ancient and Ms Yoshiko and each shop has a number of where it is on the high street.

The book is really nice and entertaining. When you have one read of it you want to read more and more and every time you look at the pictures you spot something new.

The Hardware Store

You lift the flap and see inside. Look at the detail! Everything must have taken ages.

Mummy bought this for me and my sister when we went to The Serpentine Gallery and the Michaelango Pistoletto exhibition where there were lots of rolls of paper.

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Great Fire of London by Liz Goderly

The Great Fire of London. I don't have a favourite page.

The Great Fire of London is a book about what happened when there was a big fire in London in 1666 and it's very interesting because you can read about when it happened. It tells you really cool facts about what they had to do, such as King Charles fighting in the fire and the days the fire was on and Samuel Pepys who worked for the navy and buried his cheese during the fire. And he kept a diary from 1660 to 1669. What big things were destroyed like London Bridge.

There are lots of interesting words that catch your eye like demolition, demolished, explosions. This book has very lovely pages, with nice pictures.

There are 21 pages. It is an easy  book to understand and costs £5.99.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr Seuss

The Bippolo Seed the new Dr Seuss book
This book was only published on 29th September 2011. It costs £10.99.

(Note from Bingo's Ma: It's the first new book from Dr Seuss in 20 years. The stories in this book were last published in magazines in the early fifties, and not since.)

There are seven stories in this book. My favourite one is Gustav the goldfish and the Bippolo Seed. There are lots of strange words like an ikka, wild wheef and a nupper. It's probably become one of my favourite Dr Seuss books.

An interesting thing: Dr Seuss's real name is Theodor Geisel and his first book 'And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street' was turned down by publishers 27 times before he got a deal. He has now sold over 600 million books which teaches you that even if some people reject you you should still go on!

Chicken Soup Boots by Maira Kalman

This book was given to me by my American Godmother Valerie Phillips.

It is really interesting because there is a story on each page and the stories are separate but they are linked (mummy gave me that word).  It's a book about different jobs people have. Like: a fireman, a cafe person, a doctor, a pianist and a person who sells all sorts of things, an artist, policeman and scientist. It's quite funny and I really like the pictures because whenever it's saying something, to describe the thing, there are little pictures of what it is on the side of the page. In some pictures there is a lot of detail. My favourite page is about a man who owns a cafe who's got eight arms and he's called Barney March. The title of the book comes from this story because chicken soup boots means would you like chicken soup to take away.

This is my favourite picture of the chef with eight arms

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Elephant's Elements by Francisco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais

This book was published in 2001 by Pavilion's Children's books, £9.99.

I was given this when I was very young. I don't remember who by. I LOVE it.

It's a book about opposites: big, small; wide and narrow; inflated, deflated; intelligent, stupid. It's a picture book with very few words. It's only got one word on each page. Some of the words are quite hard to read if you're little. It's got 70 odd pages.

The pictures are really good, it looks like they've been painted. My favourite page is boy/girl.

A note from Ma: this is an absolutely brilliant book, with a great sense of humour. It's been one of Bingo's very favourite books and I WISH I could remember who bought it for her. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Horrid Henry's Nits by Francesca Simon and Illustrated by Tony Ross.

This book is about Horrid Henry. He's got lots of nits. He doesn't want to be de-nitted. The nit nurse is coming so he tries to spread his head across everybody so he isn't the only one with nits.

Because he scraped all his nits on every body else he has no nits when the nit nurse comes. I like the pictures - nits carrying bags with "N" on them and it looks like they are on holiday. And when sometimes Horrid Henry scratches his head, nits come out and it looks really funny.

Perfect Peter gets nits but Henry gets a badge saying nit free. This is how the book ends. It is an easy book to read. Young people can read it or older people too.

It's got 68 pages

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

£12.99, illustrated by Tony Ross

I liked this book because I like reading it with my daddy and mummy. The story is about a boy called Joe Spud, who's really rich and his daddy gives him everything that he wants and he just wanted a friend. He's the richest 12 year old in the world and he's got everything that he could ever want, but he's got no friends.

Then he made a friend and then they broke up, then he made a girlfriend. The boy falls in love with this girl. It's a whole story.

It's a very long book, there are lots of words and pages. But it's the right size. I read it over lots of nights. It takes about three months to read all of it. The words are quite long, some of them. And it's a very interesting story to read, too.

The pictures are black and white. It is hilarious and inside it there are really funny words and there's a teacher called Peter Bread. The children at school call him Pitta Bread and he doesn't like it.

The Real Mother Goose

This book is my mummy's. She was given it by her mummy when she was a little girl. It was published in 1963 (although my mummy is not that old).

It is a big book about poems and nursery rhymes. Lots of the nursery rhymes are very old and the pictures are interesting to see because some of the people have very posh outfits. The words are quite big so you can read them easily. The book has lots of detail.

My favourite poem is Whistle Daughter Whistle. It's funny and me and mummy like it too and read it together at bedtime.

The funniest poem is To Market. "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig....."

It's got 128 pages and it's a brilliant book. I personally love it. 

This is my favourite and most interesting picture from Dapple Gray. I like it because I like the lady's dress and the pony. the pictures are by Blanche Fisher Wright.

A note from mummy:

"You can still get this book in reprint. Amazon does it for less than ten pounds and the illustrations are by Blanche Fisher Wright so it should be very similar. We've not seen it however."

Now We Are Six by A.A Milne

My Daddy bought me this book when I was six. It was £11.99.

It is a book about poems. There are 58 pages and it's a brilliant book for children who are old and young, because some of the words are hard and some of the words are easy. The young children can practise the hard words, like frowned and brushed beneath and tinker tailor. And thief. And jeweller.

I like the pictures and some of the long poems. My favourite is King John's Christmas on page 2 and it's on five pages, it's nearly the longest poem in the book.

When I was younger I read it with my Daddy but now I can read it by myself because I've practised. When I read the poems, sometimes I can't read the words so I practise. Sometimes when I look at the book I find new poems that I've never read before. Lots of ot he poems make me happy, some of them make me curious. Sometimes it's a sad beginning but then it's a happy ending.

It's got lovely pictures, they are funny and interesting to look at.