Sunday, 21 October 2012

There's no place like space! by Tish Rabe

£4.99 from places that sell books

 This is a book about space, it looks like a  Dr Seuss book but it's not by him.

It tells you all about the solar system and all about the planets. Also it tells you about how to remember them, e.g: Mallory = mercury,  Valerie =venus,  Emily= Earth etc.

I got this book from my Mummy and Daddy for my ninth birthday!

At the end, there is a game that tells you how to join the stars and find the constellations such as Great Dog, The Great Bear, Orion. I like this book for bedtime and if you ever go outside in the nighttime, remember to bring the book with you so you can see what you can find in the night sky.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Vile Victorians (Fact Book) by Terry Deary

I got a Kindle for Christmas! This is the first book I read on it.

This book was very interesting. I learned that Victorians loved love songs and playing them and Queen Victoria loved Albert, her husband - he was very young (42) when he died.

The book is not short but a bit too long, but it was not boring, it was actually FUNNY! There were nineteen chapters - about plays, songs also facts about Victoria, when she was on the throne, children's schools.

I loved this book, it was brilliant.

ps: This book had a quiz in it, for example:

When did Queen Victoria take the throne?

a) 1890
b) 1870
c) 1665
d) 1837

(The answer is d. And she was only 18 years old!)

In the chapter about Victorian Plays, there were some scary bits: about people dying. The Victorians found it amusing.

I would recommend this book because it tells you lots of facts and it's really interesting.