Sunday, 9 October 2011

The High Street written and illustrated by Alice Melvin

The High Street cover

This book has so much detail on every page. You look at all the pictures and think "wow that must have taken a long time to draw".

It's about a girl going shopping and on each page there is a shop she needs to visit to buy something. You open the door of the shop (lift up the flap) and you can see the inside of the shop.

There are a lot of unusual words like ancient and Ms Yoshiko and each shop has a number of where it is on the high street.

The book is really nice and entertaining. When you have one read of it you want to read more and more and every time you look at the pictures you spot something new.

The Hardware Store

You lift the flap and see inside. Look at the detail! Everything must have taken ages.

Mummy bought this for me and my sister when we went to The Serpentine Gallery and the Michaelango Pistoletto exhibition where there were lots of rolls of paper.

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