Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Real Mother Goose

This book is my mummy's. She was given it by her mummy when she was a little girl. It was published in 1963 (although my mummy is not that old).

It is a big book about poems and nursery rhymes. Lots of the nursery rhymes are very old and the pictures are interesting to see because some of the people have very posh outfits. The words are quite big so you can read them easily. The book has lots of detail.

My favourite poem is Whistle Daughter Whistle. It's funny and me and mummy like it too and read it together at bedtime.

The funniest poem is To Market. "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig....."

It's got 128 pages and it's a brilliant book. I personally love it. 

This is my favourite and most interesting picture from Dapple Gray. I like it because I like the lady's dress and the pony. the pictures are by Blanche Fisher Wright.

A note from mummy:

"You can still get this book in reprint. Amazon does it for less than ten pounds and the illustrations are by Blanche Fisher Wright so it should be very similar. We've not seen it however."

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